What people are saying about my paintings:

you have put a lot of colorful character into this piece...great sense of place!

I love your work. You got talent.

Lush and vibrant!

​a wonderful distribution of color...well composed and balanced...it speaks of joy and celebration...nice work!

Susan, you are so talented! It is wonderful:)

these are impressive...the Fauves are rolling over in their graves and taking notice...

They are so beautiful, playful and happy!

I really like the style of your painting, Susan! Beautiful!!

 I love your paintings!

This painting "quivers" with color!

this is so strong with the strokes and keeping the color together, it is amazing seeing you progress from one beautiful form to the next, you always surprise, every single time

We beat everybody to it! Susan offered to sell her work to us and we bought the whole collection of a dozen pieces, including the Egyptian Drummer. 
My office suite mates are very happy we get to keep them all (Alex got anxious and couldn't bear having the colorful work disappear from our walls -- he looked bereft when he heard there was a chance they would be coming down and being sold to other people). 
Now that we are adding another office, we probably need a couple more of Susan's works for the new wall space too.
Susan, thank you again for brightening up our work and meeting and client waiting areas. 
We are all glad for your generous gift of letting us have them up for the past year. I'm also glad you allowed us to buy them, to help my colleagues, our clients and me all keep in good spirits for the next several years.
-Mike Kron MD

I first saw some of her art when I walked into an office and fell in love with several paintings. I asked who the artists were and found they were all by one artist. I googled her name to see more of her work. Beautiful! I love the vibrant colors and style. I hope to own my piece soon.

Nan B.

I was introduced to Susan through a friend. I had mentioned that I was interested in having my cottage painted in Walnut Creek and she recommended Susan. Before I contacted Susan, I checked out her website and previous work. Her work was exactly what I was looking for. I contacted her to come see my cottage. Susan was extremely friendly, professional and easy to work with. She gave me a timeframe on when she would be able to get it done and delivered the piece on time. I absolutely LOVE my painting and have received numerous compliments on it. Her work is vibrant and gorgeous. My only regret is not having her do it for me sooner!

Courtney C.