My painting  journey began when I moved cross-country from the Philadelphia suburbs to the Bay Area in 1994. I started by taking art classes at the Orinda Community Center learning to paint from artist  Joan Dougherty. She was instrumental in bringing out the inner artist in me. Her encouragement and direction gave me the “green light” to be an “Artist”. I also studied with noted "Plein Air" Painters Pam Glover and Teresa Onoda. These masterful women painters showed me how to push color and paint in the great outdoor studio on location. This is both challenging and exhilarating! The Location, a Seascape, a Landscape, or a Cityscape is the spark to ignite the creative juices flowing. Painting on location, isn’t always about “getting” a painting. It is about the experience.  I mostly  paint “Alla Prima”  applying  thick brush strokes and finishing the painting on location. I am also finding new forms of expression by using a palette knife and creating patches of colors next to each other. I like the way the palette knife creates a smooth surface and makes the paint have a reflective quality. Color is very important to me and is part of the expression of joy I want to convey in my paintings. I belong to "The Glover Group”, it is a Northern California painting group than follows in the tradition of the "Society of Six" and the "Outsiders". I formalized the group for exhibiting and painting together."My art is held in collections around the United States and in France. I moved to Sonora, California in 2014. It is perfect environment for painting "en plein air" (in the open air, like the French Impressionists). The light, the colors of the landscape, the big clouds, rolling foothills, the historic "mining towns" and the people and animals that live here - they all bring me inspiration.